***Disclaimer*** As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But I have not advertised anything that I have not really purchased and used myself during cancer treatment.

These NatraCure Socks

keep your feet and toes 

cold and may help reduce 


peripheral neuropathy. I wish I would have started using these from my first Taxol treatment.  I was forced to stop treatment after 8 of 12. You also need to purchase the inserts to freeze.

This healing balm did help me deal with the neuropathy that I developed in my feet.

After I shaved my head I used this tea tree peppermint shampoo to scrub my chrome dome.

Following my double mastectomy, I used this fabulous wedge pillow to sleep. Remember you cannot use your arms to push yourself up!

This mug was awesome after leaving the hospital as you need to drink, drink and drink more as to not get constipated. Pain medication can also hurt:)

I love this mastectomy camisole with pockets for your foobs also know as fake boobs. Even more comfortable than the bras I was fitted for.

This Etsy Store was Amazing to Me!!!!

These pillows saved me after the double mastectomy. Wedge pillow behind, patterned pillow on chest (I have cats and they love to lay on me), and the two little pillows one under each arm for comfort and sleep.

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