Suddenly, Our Cat Died!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I have up until now been telling the story mostly as it happened in the past tense but the universe has forced my hand. Today I rang that bell, but it was with a very sad heart that I did so! My families world has been rocked by cancer for 10 months and honestly we didn't think we had more to give. We thought it might finally be time for a celebration but no, again life had really odd plans. Our ten year old, sweet boy Duke who was by every appearance perfectly healthy dropped dead 2 days before the end of my treatment! We tried every weird thing you might have seen on TV. We pumped his chest and I blew into his snout but he was just gone and completely lifeless. We have made it through crying and now I am just pissed. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? I am there, I am the freaking Hulk, King Kong and Godzilla wrapped into one but I had one soft spot left and you took him away. The house is different, it is lonely and sad as he wasn't your average cat and he will be forever missed. Please, please, please universe or God enough!


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