Neulasta, It Really Helps but it Really Hurts!!

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Now let's get back to my page turning tale of chemotherapy! During the first 8 weeks while dancing with "the devil", my body went through a lot. I guess that was the point of the exercise, that chemo kills the bad cells before they can kill you. That's the good news, the bad news is it also kills a lot of healthy cells. Chemo damages your bone marrow, making the marrow less able to produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Typically, the greatest impact is on white blood cells. So scientists have magically come up with the Neulasta On Body injector in case you did not have enough shots the day before during chemo! Not really, the Neulasta helps your body quickly rebuild your white blood cells so that you can avoid infections. Although I appreciate the end result, this device was placed on my stomach at chemo and approximately 24 hours after it would start ticking (which was somewhat unnerving!) and then it would inject the medication over about the next 45 minutes. That was the good part as the bone pain that followed was pretty bad. I really don't mean to scare anyone who might be here before they go through this process but this is the absolutely nitty gritty $hitty truth of my journey. So, by pretty bad I mean the pain was awful. Have you ever had back labor? For 3 days? Have you ever seen one of those TV shows on the CW where a normal human changes into a werewolf? Well then if so I think you are on the same page with me on the pain the Neulasta brings. I think I am kind of a tough cookie, but those 4 treatments one every two weeks were difficult physically and emotionally. The good news, for anyone here who might need to use Neulasta is that every adorable person in my Facebook Breast Cancer groups swore that one tiny Claritin a day would somehow take away this pain. My oldest friend (old lol), Jen has stated that I indeed did experience every single side effect listed on most of the drug pamphlets. I feel so much better once I put this in writing very cathartic! Thanks for be continued!


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