I Promise to Keep You Abreast

It's about to get real up in here so if you don't think you can handle my truth, click out now. My truth is that I am flat and plan to remain this way for my lifetime. I am finally healthy happy and cancer free. As a carrier of the BRCA1 genetic mutation I did not get to keep any of my breast tissue, as to avoid any reoccurrence. This included any skin that used to cover my breasts including my nipples. Ok there it is, the awful truth, if you are grossed out ...good go double check your boobs. Going into this I was certainly thinking this was no problem a boob job can't fix, and in the case of breast cancer your insurance company will cover whichever procedure that you decide on for reconstruction. Each surgeon and doctor that I have seen has made it seem like this is something that every women does following breast cancer. In my case, I needed 30 sessions of breast radiation which let me assure you has done no favors to my skin. The surgeon told me that after a year my skin would be ready for expanders so we could stretch that skin out to the size that I wanted to be. Just a recap, diagnosis, 14 weeks of chemo, double mastectomy, 30 groundhog day like sessions of radiation and last week one complete hysterectomy. So hold your horses, I do not want your expanders Sam I Am! No more pain, no more putting my life one hold to put Humpty Dumpty back together again! At 48 years young, I know and love me and that means flat me. Sometimes I might wear a large t-shirt and be flat as a pancake and sometimes I will choose to wear my FOOBS or fake boobs. Who knows some days I may wear really large foobs, and somedays I will wear very small ones to keep you guessing! Just as a side note insurance pays for any size silicone inserts you would like and 6 bras!! Although, the offer of free boobs may seem glamorous, they will never be truly mine and then I would of course have to start Googling...are my implants killing me?? To be continued...

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