Chemotherapy Hair Loss, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. It was never exactly straight and never exactly curly. It also always featured some extremely odd cowlicks on both sides above the outer edge of my eyebrows. If you are a lady of the 80's, then you get how this worked out great for me at the time. Your hair sticking up could be worked with and was encouraged, the bigger the better! Ah, Aquanet! But the past decade has been especially difficult for me as everyone wants straight hair, and they even go so far as to pay people to blow dry their hair. I live in Florida which has many things that it is infamous for (as sadly, many news reports start off with...a Florida man/woman) but I am talking about the humidity. I would spend approximately 30 minutes every morning washing, blow drying and straightening my hair only to walk out of my house for five minutes and immediately feel my hair growing like a Chia Pet from the humidity. My hair also would alway grab the oddest color (as yes I color as it turned grey the moment I gave birth!) and it didn't matter who I went to for color, to me it would end up looking green, red, too dark, or too light. We solved all of these issues with one visit to the barber shop and were able to add the money that would previously have been used at the salon, to The Best Husband in the World's (BHITW) spreadsheet. Following my diagnosis in August of 2018 prior to the beginning of chemo I knew that I could not handle having my hair fall out in the shower or on my pillow in clumps. I just thought that I would feel like an extra on, "The Walking Dead" and decided to embrace my new found baldness. This started a rotation of my head being too cold or too hot and oddly sweaty. My father and brother are both bald and yet they do not complain about the temperature of their domes. After becoming bald, I would wear scarves on my head and when in public people would notice and it would take them a moment to process that yes, I must have cancer and then they would look away. I do not think they were trying to be rude, instead I think it was just a natural reaction. Thank God that it is starting to grow back because I was really starting to feel like a fortune teller, like I should just whip out a crystal ball and try and make a buck. Now. if you are fortunate to have a long lovely mane of hair do not take it for granted! When you look at pictures of yourself and celebrate how beautiful you look. Before I lost my hair, I was so hard on my appearance in EVERY SINGLE picture. I thought my hair looked weird, my face looked weird and wow were my arms fat. But now when looking at the same pictures I notice my own specific type of beauty. I see me in my eyes and I look so lovely. Nothing like cancer to give you some perspective. Oh and I forgot to tell you that mine fell out twice after a change in chemo! If you happen to run into me and I try to touch your long beautiful hair I apologize in advance:) To be continued...


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